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It’s already March. Are your New Year’s resolutions clinging on during the weekdays and your discipline for being outside your comfort zone feeling overwhelmed? As the yearly gym membership has left your bank account or the diet you promised yourself is making you increasingly stressed, realize that it’s not your fault. We’re serious, let’s take a look around at the ‘health industry’ and how it has been hi-jacked by the weight loss #skinny movement, which is now a multi-million euro industry based on you (the consumer) underachieving and going back to the same or similar quick-fix programs because you have not been enabled to have consistently healthy habits.

Let’s simplify it down. The habits you are living with are not conducive to your health/waistline/stress level/energy level. The average person gets up early, has a bare breakfast, commutes 20-plus minutes or more to work, sits down for at least 5 to 6 hours per day. Lunch is hit and miss in terms of quality depending on the nearest store or café and is too often eaten at the desk. Coffee and sugar keep you perked until you finish work, hit traffic, pick up the kids, cook dinner, and then use whatever time you have leftover to engage with your partner/loved ones/get the kids to bed, watch some TV to feel engaged with normality, and fall into bed. And that’s just Monday!

This might be you or it might bear some likeness to your day-to-day reality. Either way, the energy you need to live and thrive in your life is finding it hard to keep up with the habits you are making. Phew, that all sounds a bit gloomy! So here are some suggestions to remember as you take ownership of your health and happiness.

  1. Health magazines are marketed to people who don’t feel good enough about themselves. Very few people have beach-ready abs at all times unless it’s their job, and even then photoshop or filters often apply
  2. If you have been on more than 3 diet plans in the last few months, you are yo-yo dieting and possibly having negative effects on your hormonal system
  3. Quinoa is not a superfood!
  4. Low-fat branded foods are more likely to have added sugar to make the taste tolerable
  5. If you sleep more than 6 and a half hours per night and still feel tired when you wake up, then you are not sleeping properly

To conclude this 3-minute window, take away these top 2 things and make them habits. Health is not a fad/diet/quick fix/potion, health is the habits that you make permanent in your life.

  1. Remove TVs from your bedroom and stop looking at your smartphone before you sleep. Bright light or blue light emitted for these devices interrupts your sleep cycle and reduces your ability to recover and replenish from your day
  2. You are when you eat. What you eat is followed closely by when you eat. Aiming to allow yourself a 10 hour window of when you eat your food (unprocessed) allows you to avoid having to digest while you sleep. Thus allowing your body to repair and burn fat deposits instead of digesting while you sleep

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